SCP: Millennium is an IRC roleplay about the SCP Foundation's efforts to keep control and maintain secrecy in an increasingly complicated world.
The Foundation is recruiting whoever can and will get the job done, and accepts no substitutes.


Site-212 is known to the public as McNeal Island Corrections Center. While a good portion of the site is above-ground (such as living spaces, ranges, common areas, basic containment, etc.), high-risk containment and research all happen in a below-ground complex. Agreements between the Foundation and the US government allow the use of the prison as a front. Site-212 is also home to MTF Psi-7, a Foundation juggernaut with specialists of any and every kind and widely regarded as the one true Jack of all Trades.

Join Up!

Okay, so you wanna join. Awesome! Firstly, we recommend you join #millennium-ooc on SynIRC - you can access it through here. From here, you can get all the help you need in making your character.
Secondly, we recommend you become a member of this site itself - you can find the password to do so in the topic of the IRC chat room.
Once you've done that, check out these other pages to help you get your bearings:

A Note About Canonicity

This RP does not take place within the same canon as any of the 001 Proposals, or any of the canons that pertain to events involving the Foundation before 2005. Numerous elements of this RP will contradict your headcanon, but that's not the point. If you have to consider this an alternate-universe version of the Foundation, do so.


We’re aiming for a tense tone, mixed with intrigue and surprise. Things can be good, and things can be bad. Of course, we can have plots with different tones as well, they just aren't going to be the main focus of the story. There can be happy endings, but no happiest endings.


The date in the game is the same as the date out of game, except fifteen years in the past. For example, events roleplayed on May 21, 2020 would take place on May 21, 2005 in-character. The game runs on US Eastern Time (UTC/GMT -5).


This RP is based on and makes use of the collective works of the SCP Foundation wiki, located at http://scp-wiki.net. But you should already know that.

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